Anton & Irene

One Shared House: Co-living in the Year 2030

Last year, the Brooklyn-based design studio Anton & Irene worked on One Shared House — an interactive documentary about Irene’s communal childhood home in 1980s Amsterdam. Now, as a follow-up project, they are trying to imagine what co-living might look like in 2030. At Made in Space, they will discuss their findings, their approach, as well as the challenges and hurdles they have faced while trying to bring to life this new project in collaboration with SPACE10.

Anton & Irene’s portfolio includes find projects for Karim Rashid, Shantell Martin, Zumtobel, Nickelodeon, BBC, Balenciaga, Wacom, National Geographic, and USA Today. Each year they also devote three months to self-initiated projects such as an interactive documentary on co-living, an analogue wristwatch, and a walking tour of New York City. Besides that, almost every month Anton and Irene deliver workshops and lectures in various corners of the world. They have won more than a dozen of prestigious awards including a Webby, an Emmy, a Red Dot award, and a Cannes Lions award. And, yes, their studio does indeed deserve a specifically dedicated board on Pinterest.


15 Jun at 16:15 - 16:45

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