Liam Young

Hello City!

At Made in Space, join Liam Young and an all-seeing smart city operating system as they take a tour in a driverless taxi through a network of software systems, autonomous infrastructures, ghost architectures, anomalies, glitches, and sprites, searching for the wilds beyond the machine. The talk will be an audio-visual expedition to a city found somewhere between the present and the predicted, the real and the imagined, stitched together from fragments of real landscapes and designed urban fictions.

Liam Young is an Australian-born architect who operates in the space between design, fiction and futures. The think-tank Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today explores the possibilities of fantastic, speculative and imaginary urbanisms. Unknown Fields Division is a nomadic research studio that travels on location shoots and expeditions to the ends of the Earth to document emerging trends and uncover the weak signals of possible futures.

Liam has been acclaimed by mainstream and architectural media, including the BBC, NBC, Wired, the Guardian, Time magazine and Dazed and Confused, and his work has been collected by institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the V&A. He has taught internationally, including at the Architectural Association and Princeton University, and now runs a master’s course in Fiction and Entertainment at SCI-Arc.



16 Jun at 18:30 - 19:15

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