Tomas Diez

The Mass Distribution of Everything

At Made in Space, Tomas Diez will reveal how “Fab Labs” are challenging not just the way everything is made, but also the way we live, work and play in cities. His talk will give us an inside view of the Fab City-project, looking to design and transitioning towards a more inclusive and sustainable future — because the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed. According to Tomas, we’re facing more than a revolution in fabrication – we’re changing our entire production system, which will change our economy and our society.

Tomas Diez is a Venezuelan-born urbanist who specialises in digital fabrication and its implications for the future of cities. He works as a close collaborator in the development of the Fab Lab Network together with MIT and the Fab Foundation. Tomas was described by the Guardian and Nesta as one of the top 10 digital social innovators to watch in 2013, and named entrepreneur of the year in 2014–15 by the Catalan ICT-association. His research interests relate to the use of digital fabrication tools to transform reality, and how the use of new technologies can change the way people consume, produce and relate to each other in cities.


15 Jun at 17:00 - 17:30

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