Made in Space takes place in Copenhagen's buzzing Meatpacking District. Besides SPACE10's headquarters, events will be held in some of our favourite local spots. We've also added some temporary spaces — each hosting the different formats and themes that will be unveiled during Made in Space.

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Flæsketorvet 10, 1711 København V

Our very own future-living lab, dedicated to exploration and inspiration, rooted in the idea that together we can co-create a better everyday life for the many people. SPACE10 will host The Studio — the Made in Space conversation stage — as well as our labs, talks, exhibitions, Academy Sessions, the Farm, the Makery, and occasional surprises.

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Flæsketorvet 9, 1711 København V

A diaphanous dreamy space designed by Spanish architects Espacio Lanube and commissioned for Made in Space. We’ve called it CLOUD9 to enhance the feeling of being on a journey — and because we love temporary spaces. Lights by Obscura Vertigo.

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Staldgade 26-30, 1699 København V

S/H is one of our favourite spots in the Meatpacking District — a contemporary theatre launched in 2016. It is still unknown to most people, so it’s an honour to be the first to introduce it as a conference and music space. Within the black 360-degree framework of S/H, our keynote speakers and artists will take the stage and enlighten us within our three themes: Coexistence, Circular Societies and Digital Empowerment.

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The Garage

Slagtehusgade 1, 1699 København V

The old freight centre of the so-called “grey” Meatpacking area will be turned into a playground for experimentation and exploration. Anything can happen at The Garage and your comfort zone will be tested — but we promise a programme to make you question, imagine, play, laugh and – not least – dance.

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The Garden

Staldgade 7, 1711 København V

A temporary oasis where you can lie back and relax in the sun, with organic drinks by INTOXIKA CPH Original Kegtails and organic beers by Royal, while still following what’s happening on the different stages through our live-stream. The garden will also be the place for an occasional barbecue and other surprises.




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Slagtehusgade 5E, 1715 København V

5E is our pop-up venue that will host the Kaospilot Team 23, Thursday from 15:00 – 22:00. We’re sure this will be an amazing experience.

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A creative cluster with a vibrant nightlife, numerous galleries, and a variety of trendy restaurants

  • CPH Meatpacking District CPH Meatpacking District

Situated between Sønder Boulevard and Copenhagen Central Station, the area remained a focus for companies and activities relating to the meat and food industry until the early 2000s, when it became home to a new creative class.

Dating back to 1883, the district consists of three separate areas, referred to as the White, Grey and Brown Meatpacking District for the dominant colour of their buildings. A municipal masterplan aims at creating a mixed-use area, encouraging cultural, design, and gastronomy businesses to settle there, while retaining the meat industry.